Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US tankless water heater price

The Tankless Water Heater – An Innovation Whose Time Is Now

Efficiency is as simple as finding the newest alternatives to old standards of heating water for residential use. This is where tankless water heaters do the job more efficiently, cost-effectively in less space and with an ample amount of heated water. Rinnai is a leader in the tankless water heater industry. The Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US is an example of how to produce enough hot water with the least amount of energy. It’s certain tankless technology is destined to become the most popular alternative to other types of water heaters for smaller homes. Since Rinnai is a company that succeeds in creating constantly advancing technologies, there’s no doubt their tankless water heaters may eventually occupy a large part of the market for larger homes and businesses.

The Real Deal on Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US Tankless Water Heaters

The Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US tankless water heater is ideal for smaller homes and they are especially economical for mobile homes. Go tankless with a water heater like the Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US and discover a more creative way to hot water heating that fits every budget.

There are a number of reasons to choose the Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US. With regular water heaters, there’s always the dilemma of delivery of adequate heated water to needed areas of the home as quickly and efficiently as possible. High volume hot water use requires reliable water heaters with consistent temperature ranges. Lesser quality water heaters eventually impose inconvenience and resulting repair costs. Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US is smaller in size but a power house when it comes to providing a continuous flow of hot water with less cost for energy use. It’s sold with a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger, a major part. Other parts have a 5-year warranty. There’s a 1-year warranty for labor.

Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US Features

Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US water heaters operate with natural gas or liquid propane instead of relying on electrical energy. The Model V53i is 13.88″wide and 23.60″ in height and only 8.80″ in diameter, a definite plus when space is limited. Compared to tank water heaters, it’s small in size but a giant in performance. The Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US produces 5.3 gallons of hot water per minute. Although the factory default temperature is set to 120 degrees F., it can be adjusted to 140 degrees F.

Simplicity and Performance At A Bargain

Considering the simplicity and superior performance of the Rinnai Model V53i VB2020FFU-US tankless water heater, it’s an attractive alternative water heating source at a price of approximately $1500. With annual energy savings and environmental energy credits factored, that’s a bargain.

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