Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS Electric Water Heater Price

Bradford White – Customer Confidence Assured
Bradford White’s long history as a manufacturer of water heating products since 1881 is the reason Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS electric water heater is today’s most popular choice. Plumbers and heating experts rely on Bradford White to supply top-notch water heaters for their customers. Bradford White customers are assured their electric water heaters are built to last. A proven track record of excellence is why Bradford White enjoys lasting customer confidence.

Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS Electric Water Heaters

Bradford White insists upon manufacturing water heaters to client specifications. Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS electric water heater is an inexpensive means to provide residential hot water for replacement or installation in new homes. Contractors and builders rely on them. Installers love them for their uncomplicated units that are energy efficient and cost-effective. Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS electric water heater offers superb features like direct heat, a protective magnesium anode rod, fully automatic controls, an immersion element, heat traps, 2 inches of insulation with a regulatory non-CFC composition, a relief valve and brass drain valve. Keep these key features in mind when shopping for an electric water heater.

Know Your Specs Before You Buy

The specifications consumers need to know before purchasing a water heater is the whether the models meet federal and state regulations for safety, operation and materials. Look for ASHRAE, UL design compliance and HUD standards where applicable. Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS meets these standards so this is one issue that doesn’t require further investigation. Check the provisions for reducing sediment in the heating tank. The Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS cold water inlet device tackles this potential problem easily. Bradford White installs heat traps on Model M2-HE-40S6DS that insure heat loss in piping is at a minimum and heat is delivered with minimal noise. The drain valve is manufactured with a tamper-proof design and standard electric voltages are available. All water and electrical connections are 3/4″. These specifications help narrow the time it takes to identify essential features.

Choose A Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS For Clean Energy

Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS is engineered for maximum clean energy operation and is available in a 40 gallon capacity, sufficient for average residential use. One unique feature of Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS is the copper screw type immersion element available upon request. The tank is lined with a specially designed corrosion-protective lining.

The Price Is Right

When it’s time to install an electric water heater in a new home or replace an existing one, Bradford White Model M2‑HE‑40S6DS is the most economical offered today. Prices range from $400 to $500 depending on retailers or plumbing suppliers. Don’t forget to apply the energy tax credit for additional savings.

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