Rheem Professional Ultra Low NOx Powered Damper Series Gas Water Heater Pricing

When it comes to water heaters, Rheem is one of the industry leaders. They manufacture electric, propane, natural gas and hybrid water heaters. With the new standards for Energy Star compliance, Phase II, Rheem has taken extra steps to lower the energy loss and remain compliant. To do this, they have introduced a new powered damper for the flue on the natural gas heaters. These are labeled with the Powered Damper Series moniker. The damper closes off in response to the gas which heats the unit shutting off, which traps the existing heat inside and prevents energy loss through cooling of the water while in standby.

This means that the Rheem Professional Ultra Low NOx Powered Damper Series Gas Water Heater price is a bit higher than other models, coming in at around $1000, but the overall cost will end up lower due to the energy savings it presents. Rheem product manager Bryan Collar has been quoted as saying, “Although the new damper products will be priced higher than standard gas products, their total installed cost will be significantly lower than other ultra high efficiency water heaters.” This even includes other Rheem models. The same models sold without the new power damper have EF ratings 7 to 9 points lower and cost between $30 – $50 more per year to run. With hot water heater prices on the rise, as with all other plumbing prices, any long term savings that begin to offset costs can help.

The Professional models of the Rheem gas water heaters come with an eight year limited tank and parts warranty when installed by a professional. Ultra Low NOx models, meaning those with low nitrogen-oxide emissions, are compliant with the California requirements listed in the Southern California’s SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) Rule 1121 for residential emissions. The emissions test at 10 nanograms per Joule.

All Rheem natural gas water heaters have several key features. These include their Guardian System, which has no filters to clean or replace. The included flame arrestor plate keeps vapors that are outside the combustion chamber from igniting. There is additional air filtration to keep this arrestor clean and free from clogs. They have standard replacement parts and no matches are required to light them. Some Guardian System heaters can also be operated at high altitudes.

In addition, Rheem water heaters have rigid foam insulation, a brass drain valve and their patented EverKleen™ Self Cleaning System. This system creates a swirling action as water enters, thus preventing mineral buildup in the tank.

All power damper models have an internal self-diagnostic system that displays error codes for easy troubleshooting. They connect to a standard wall outlet and have a 24-volt AC transformer. Standard venting means they can replace existing units without making changes to the installed vents in the home. There is no pilot light continuously running, which also saves energy and cost, instead utilizing a spark-to-pilot ignition system.

The new Phase II Criteria for the Energy Star Program went into effect on September 1. The new Power Damper technology became available in December.

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