When it comes to home ownership, perhaps nothing is more frustrating than plumbing. It seems that it is difficult to do even the tasks that appear as slam dunks and easy at first blush. This site is dedicated to the emergency plumber and is in the hopes that you can glean some great information from it.

Most importantly it is important to know when to try and tackle a project on your own and when it is time to call in a professional.  There are things that need to be done immediately and things that can wait if you go about it the right way.  That leaky faucet probably can withstand a few days of dripping, but a supply line that is dripping water all over your kitchen floor is going to cause a lot of expensive water damage in short order.

To that end, this blog is dedicated to bringing the plumbing world to the common man.  We will attempt to write in terms that everyone can relate to.  We want everyone to understand fully when a plumbing problem is truly an emergency and when it is something to notice but not freak out about.  Understanding what plumbing tools are standard fare and which ones you can likely do without is important.  Knowing how to use them in a specific situation is even more important.  That is the creed we strive to achieve with everything we write on site.  We hope that it comes across clear as a bell and affords you the chance to fully understand what sort of things need to happen to ensure plumbing calmness.

With that in mind, please feel free to drop a line for any plumbing related posts you would like to see.  Here at the emergency plumber site we strive to give the masses what they need to succeed in the plumbing game.  Don’t be afraid to ask any question plumbing related as we all know that everyone starts somewhere.  The best questions are often left unanswered due to people being afraid to look like they are unaware.  The beauty of the internet is the anonymity it affords.


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